martinI am a freelance user experience designer, specialising in complex applications, search and data visualisation. I’ve been working in the user experience field for 15 years, initially as a usability consultant and researcher, and gradually switching over to work on the client side and into the design world.

Over the years, I’ve worked across an unusual range of projects, including platform-level design issues; the implementation of App ecosystems; search engines and ranking algorithms; data visualisation; mobile apps; innovative autosuggest mechanisms; Microsoft Office add-ins; and visual signature transformations.

This site grows out of one particular frustration in my working life: the same issues crop up again and again in slightly different guises across multiple projects. Each time I think I’ve figured out some of the answers I move on to another project and the next time the same issue shows up I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt.

This blog is an attempt to stop that cycle by taking the time to capture thoughts and construct models to explain certain aspects of user interface design and implementation. My aim is to publish early and often in order to capture useful ideas. I expect some of the posts to be incomplete, imperfect and perhaps sometimes downright wrong. However, next time around, I know I’ll have something to pick up and improve upon.

If you like what you find, please help me out by sharing what you’ve found with others. If you think I’ve got it wrong, or have something to add, please get in touch and let me know.

I live in the countryside North of London with my wife and two small boys. In my spare time I like running, cycling and walking in the countryside.


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