Data Visualisation

I can help you combine data analysis and visualisation with a clear understanding of user behaviours to create visualisations that actually work.

Analysis & Storytelling

Data Visualisation is a huge topic in industry circles, with stories of how it will transform business decision making and give new power to end users. Much of this is hype, with projects often failing to deliver much more than beautiful looking diversions.

I can help you to focus on what matters: getting genuinely powerful data analysis and using visualisation to provide great explanations.

Data Transformation

The key to deriving value from your data is getting it properly organised. The problem is that the requirements are often unclear; your database team may struggle to understand the data and the business need; whilst your data specialists may not be great at visualising and communicating insights. We can help by analysing your needs, the data, and the way it needs to be communicated; bridging the gaps between silos.


Tableau is a great tool for analysing your data because it is simple to get started, relatively easy to use and yet very powerful. I can explain how Tableau works and the benefits it can provide; conduct demonstrations using your data; offer training to get you started; and provide consultancy to create analyses and drive insights.