Eikon 4.0

Eikon is Thomson Reuters primary market data platform, offering a mix of referential and analytical tools, used by over 100,000 financial professionals around the world. Whilst incremental development continued to move the product forward, it was felt that a huge opportunity existed to improve the quality and breadth of coverage of the offering by transforming … More Eikon 4.0

App Library

Eikon 4.0 introduced the concept of an App Library. Initially this would contain a listing of existing tools within the product, but it would act as a stepping stone to opening up the product to third party apps in the future. User Interface I took responsibility for turning the concept into a simple, implementable, first … More App Library

Page Express

Thomson Reuters Eikon contains a large system of HTML pages that provide background information on areas of the financial markets, with key data, analysis and links into additional tools. These pages were created and managed using a traditional development model, meaning that changes had to be fully specified, development resources had to be secured and … More Page Express

Usage Statistics

Brief Whilst working on the design of an App-based platform, it became clear that little was known about the true usage of the system. Although usage data was being collected, the data was poorly organised, existing analyses were not particularly insightful and it was unclear whether the data was reliable. I took responsibility for improving … More Usage Statistics