User Experience & Design

The key to creating great software is establishing user needs and creating simple and effective designs to meet those needs.


At the heart of creating great software is understanding what users really need. Great research depends on asking the right questions and listening carefully and critically to what people say. We need to give users what they really need, not simply what they ask for – there is often a surprising difference between the two.

Interaction Design

With over 15 years in the industry, I have a wealth of experience in crafting  simple, user-friendly UI designs to solve a huge range of problems. The insights from research are combined with a deep understanding of your business needs and technology environment in order to ensure that solutions are effective, profitable and implementable.

Complex Systems

There are lots of great designers and agencies out there if you need a new website. But few have experience in working with complex, data-rich interfaces, installed applications, operating systems, and  database-driven enterprise software. I can help with monster applications like these.


Great interaction design depends on the balance of ease of use and visual appeal, with the realities of implementation. A great design that is too complex or expensive to build and maintain is no help. I work closely with architects and developers to ensure that designs work with – and take advantage of – the capabilities of the backend.

Quick Review

Sometimes you just need a quick reality check to review what you have and give insight into how things could be done differently. I specialise in rapid reviews that can be conducted in just 24-48 hours.

Mentoring and Partnering

If you have a small design team, or your designers are young, you may find it valuable to partner with us to extend your capabilities and make use of mentoring from professionals with over 15 years in the industry. Contact me to discuss the options.